'Tamani: A Day In Ouagadougou' [Full Documentary] + Art Melody Track

Watch the full length documentary 'Tamani: A Day In Ouagadougou' - a film exploring urban life in the capital city of Burkina Faso featuring music by Art Melody

A composite mix of scenes of everyday life in the capital city of Burkina Faso, Tamani: A Day In Ouagadougou takes the viewer across the city in an exploration of the people and neighborhoods that comprise it. Filmed in 2008, Tamani replaces a straightforward narrative in favor of a unique maneuvering through the many layers of urban life in Ouaga. Interestingly, it's also one in a series of similar projects by filmmaker Nicolas Guibert that explore both the visual and musical lives of his subjects — working closely with the community of Ouagadougou to produce films that are more collaborative than expository. Burkinabe rapper Art Melody gets quite a bit if shine on the film's soundtrack, underscoring the visual cut-up style of the film by deftly rhyming over chopped-up soul samples — a method best exemplified by "Soul Please," a track featuring Anna Kassy and Redrum, which you can check out below, after the film. Watch the full hour-long documentary Tamani: A Day in Ouagadougou below.