Prêt-À-Poundo: Top 12 African Faces

These are the current Top African Models. Here are our 12 African Faces for 2012.

Philomena Kwao (GHANA)

Models1 / Height: 5'9"

Because along with being a top African model, she wants to be Britain's first black plus-size supermodel.

"I... want to help spread the message that there is beauty in everything: every shape, colour, size, and height … whatever. We are all beautiful."


Grace Bol (SUDAN)

WM Management / Height: 5'10"

Because she always get mistaken for Alek Wek and she is Grace Bol!

"I'd much rather be in a beautiful gown than jeans and a T-shirt."


Ajuma Nasenyana (KENYA)

Ford Models Europe / Height: 5'10"

Because she is rejecting the indigenous black African standards ans she is also fighting against skin bleaching in Africa.

"It seems that the world is conspiring in preaching that there is something wrong with Kenyan ladies' kinky hair and dark skin [...] Their leaflets are all about skin lightening, and they seem to be doing good business in Kenya. It just shocks me. It's not OK for a Caucasian to tell us to lighten our skin[...] I have never attempted to change my skin. I am natural. People in Europe and America love my dark skin. But here in Kenya, in my home country, some consider it not attractive.'

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