Exclusive: DJ UMB 'ZoukHinA Bass' [Mixtape]

Exclusive: DJ UMB 'ZoukHinA Bass' [Mixtape]

Listen to Generation Bass owner DJ Umb's Zouk Bass and Taraxhina mix "Zoukinha Bass." This is killer African music.

Generation Bass co-owner/editor DJ UMB was the first person to fully investigate and delve into the Zouk Bass wave. He ID-ed the track that kicked off the Buraka Som Sistema set that "introduced" Zouk Bass to global ears and, even, tracked down its unknown producer Deejay Kuimba for an interview. In his ZoukHinA Bass mixtape, DJ UMB rummages through Zouk Bass tracks from the likes of Deejay Kuimba, Buraka Som Sistema and SaBBo & a host of Tarraxinha tracks by the likes of DJ Paparazzi and DJ Nervoso.

"Most of these Tarraxinha tracks are sadly in either 128 or 192 kbps only because 320s just can't be found or were not uploaded," he wrote us, "I wanted to keep that gritty, raw, unproduced, lo-fi feel to a large part of the mix." Listen to DJ UMB's ZoukHinA Bass mix below, mix mastered by SaBBo, and read our in-depth piece on Zouk Bass for more. Tracklist of this killer African music DJ UMB mixtape below the jump.


SaBBo - Bread Fruit [Generation Bass]

SaBBo – Bush Woman [Generation Bass]

Buraka Som Sistema – Zouk Flute [Echufada]

Deejay Kuimba Feat DJ Yudifox - Tarraxo na Parede (2012) [Forthcoming Generation Bass]

Dj Adon, Dj Diogo &DJ Paparazzi – Los Tarraxa [Forthcoming Generation Bass]

DJ Paparazzi - Mi Ma Bo [Mukala Muzik]

DJ Paparazzi Feat Dj Colina - Ven Aqui Con Migo_[White]

DJ Nervoso – Tapada [White]

DJ Paparazzi - Mulher Minha Nao Nega [Forthcoming Generation Bass]

DJ Paparazzi – Chikita [White]

DJ Paparazzi – Crazy Beat [White]

DJ Paparazzi - Me Tarraxa Assim [Forthcoming Generation Bass]

DJ Paparazzi - Me Assume [White]

Mestah feat DJ Paparazzi - Girls Around The World [White]

Txiga Pro - Ta Se Vir Re (Dj Spomky Edit) [White]

Dj BaCo ft DJ Paparazzi – Vai [White]

DJ Joyce Gomes & Revolucion [White]