Black Coffee Slapped AKA’s Road Manager and South African Twitter is Having a Field Day

South African Twitter is siding just about unanimously with Black Coffee after the producer/DJ slapped AKA's road manager in Polokwane.

Things got pretty heated between Black Coffee and AKA’s team Saturday night at the DStv iRock Limpopo Music Festival in Polokwane. In a short clip that’s been circulating the web today, the beloved South African DJ/producer can be seen speaking with two men on stage before the conversation turns sour and Black Coffee plants a slap right on the face of AKA’s road manager, Tshiamo Letshwene, knocking his cap off in the process.

Many outlets are reporting that the rapper was two hours late for his performance, and that when he did arrive, his band proceeded to do soundcheck during Black Coffee’s set. We can only assume Black Coffee wasn’t too thrilled about this, thus leading to the now famous slap-heard-round-SA.

AKA was quick to clear the air on Twitter. In a series of tweets, the Levels rapper explained his decision to pull out of the festival. He also encouraged his fans to ask DSTV and Black Coffee for their money back.

“@dstvsa you let black coffee walk on stage in the middle of my band's line check, smack my road manager, & continued to let him play?” tweeted AKA. “The media likes to portray me as an aggressive person ..... Please explain to me what part of Black Coffee smacking my road manager is ok?... If you want to know why I didn't perform tonight you will need to ask @dstvsa why it's ok for people to assault my road manager on stage… Apologies to my fans in PLK .... We won't be performing tonight. I arrived, my band setup ....Nobody will lay hands on someone on my team in front of thousands and expect me to continue as normal. @DStv...Apologies to my fans in PLK .... We won't be performing tonight. I arrived, my band setup .... And then some bullshit happened.”

Is AKA telling the full story? We have no way to know. It seems the one thing that is certain is South African Twitter is loving every minute of it, cracking jokes at the rapper's expense and siding just about unanimously with the country’s national treasure.

“AKA's manger is disrespectful for landing his face on Black Coffee's hand,” said one Twitter user.

“Black Coffee seems like the most chilled celeb who doesn't even like media attention. So you know AKA's team really tried him,” tweeted another.

Perhaps this Twitter user put it best when she said “These AKA and Black Coffee tweets are [fire]. “Nobody cares about AKA or whether Black Coffee was wrong. The country is on the legend's side.”