The partnership of Boomplay and Tiktok seeks explore cross-promotion of trending content on both platforms
Photo credit: Boomplay, TikTok.

Boomplay and TikTok Join Forces to Amplify African Music Through Cross-Promotion

The partnership of African-focused music streaming Boomplay and Tiktok seeks explore cross-promotion of trending content on both platforms.

Boomplay and TikTok have announced a partnership aimed at fostering cross-promotion and discovery of trending content between the two platforms. Boomplay, an Africa-facing music streaming company, will now feature a playlist of TikTok trending sounds, while TikTok will incorporate Boomplay's top songs into its discovery and sound pages.

Through the creation of mutual playlists, named TikTokPicks and BoomplayPicks, both platforms will highlight the top trending songs of the week. TikTok's playlist will focus on user-created content and songs that have garnered significant engagement. The vision behind this collaboration is to bring together the realms of music and creativity, connecting artists and creators on both platforms and expanding their reach. The partnership will facilitate the sharing and amplification of custom-curated playlists, bringing African rhythms, dances, and storytelling to a broader audience.

This strategic alliance will provide music enthusiasts and creators with enhanced opportunities to showcase their talents to a wider demographic. TikTok's massive community, consisting of billions of users, will now have the chance to discover and explore more African artists through Boomplay, enriching the app's musical offerings with greater diversity. Similarly, Boomplay users will gain easy access to the TikTok trending playlist, allowing them to stay up-to-date with the hottest African sounds across both platforms.

Paul Azumah-Ayitey, the Public Relations Manager at Boomplay, expressed excitement about collaborating with TikTok, highlighting the latter's rapid growth and creative properties that align perfectly with the music community.

Boniswa Sidwaba, Head of Content Programming Sub-Saharan Africa at TikTok, emphasized the goal of creating an all-inclusive music culture that promotes diversity and creativity, offering artists increased opportunities to share their unique voices with the world.

“With this partnership with Boomplay, we look to encourage our creative community to continue to use African music as the soundtrack for great content development while celebrating and taking African musicians to the world.” Boniswa Sidwaba, said.

This collaboration between Boomplay and TikTok holds great promise, as it combines the strengths of both platforms to further amplify the reach and impact of trending sounds, serving millions of users who actively engage with the content offerings on each platform. Through this partnership, creators and content owners can forge deeper connections with their audiences, creating a vibrant and dynamic music ecosystem centered around African music.