Boyzn Bucks: Johannesburg's Street Culture Empire

Boyzn Bucks: Johannesburg's Street Culture Empire

We got to know the nine prolific creatives who make up Johannesburg's street culture empire, Boyzn Bucks.

Photo: Anthony Bila

Sanele Xolo

Sanele Xolo is a designer, DJ and rapper who tells us he's a "jack of all trades." In 2014 he featured alongside Okmalumkoolkat and Stilo Magolide on Boyzn Bucks' debut single, "Mswenkofontein." In March he released his first solo single as uSanele, "Zengenkani," with Stilo Magolide.

Where were you born?

I'm from Durban but I was born a little south from there in a small coastal town called Port Shepstone but for simplicity sake let's just say I'm from Durban.

What are you most known for in Boyzn Bucks?

I'm known for the BAE's... just kidding. That's a tough question considering we haven't even defined what Boyznbucks is yet, I guess (based on what I do) it's a bit of everything. I design (I have a strong background in graphic design and branding/marketing - that's what I went to school for), I DJ, I rap and just about anything else you can think of, I'm a jack of all trades (still trying to figure out which to master first).

Who is your music icon?

What's a music icon..? I'm not sure cause I look up to a lot of people as far as music is concerned, I guess you could say a few people/artists (if you asked who the top 5 are, I'd have to say); MF Doom (as a rapper), Pharrell Williams (as a producer), Ta-ku (as a DJ/producer), Tyler The Creator (as a rapper/producer) and OkMalumKoolKat (as an artist overall)… I respect all of them equally and look up to them for a number of reasons.

How would you describe your style?

My style is pretty "basic", not basic as in bland or boring but basic as in simple, I love simplicity (whether it's color, silhouette or shape). I also like detail, something that makes the garment or outfit that much more functional like sports performance-wear (sportswear basically) or outdoor gear (I love brands like North Face, ACRNM and WANG to a certain degree). Yeah, my style is simple and functional.

Who is your style icon?

Another tough question… again, I'd have to say there are quite a few. Off the top of my head I'd have to say; Virgil Abloh (the guy behind PYREX, BEEN TRILL and OFF-WHITE), NIGO (not because of the way he dresses necessarily but more because of what he's done for streetwear and fashion as a whole), and I guess on a local level I'd have to say the downtown Johannesburg scene, sportswear is really big here, even when I was growing up that's what the "cool" kids dressed like - in a way I'm trying to do the same thing.

What is your favorite music right now?

That's hard to say cause I listen to so much music, you kinda have to when you're a DJ… I'm into Ta-ku and that whole Soulection sound– Sango, Mr Carmmack, Stwo, Lakim etc. I really love what they are doing with music today, it's so distinct and different from what everyone is trying to do today. Also, I really enjoy listening to Yeezus and Holy Oxygen [by Okmalumkoolkat], back to back… I'm still trynna figure out which is better or which I like more.

What's the best creative thing out of South Africa right now?

Musically I'd have to say Holy Oxygen (the entire project) it's so ahead of it's time and so now at the same time. In terms of fashion or style, I really respect what the kids in Cape Town are doing i.e. 2Bop/Smith & Abrahams, Upper Echelon, Selfi, Yound & Lazy, etc.

What's your favorite pair of kicks?

Ummm… Flyknit Racer the volt colourway.

How would you describe Boyzn Bucks?

To put it simply, we are just a group of friends on a mission to realizing our dreams. We want the world to know that we exist, even if we are on the dark continent.

What's your favorite Boyzn Bucks slang?

There's no such thing as Boyznbucks slang, well at least as far as I'm aware.

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