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"Nigerians Were Being Sold Like Goats For Few Dollars"—Buhari Vows To Bring Home Stranded Migrants In Libya

"We will ensure they all return home safely and are rehabilitated."

Following the surfacing of footage, showing migrants being sold at a slave auction in Libya, Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari has vowed to fly home and "rehabilitate" Nigerians stranded in Libya and elsewhere, BBC reports.

In a statement on Tuesday, the leader responded to the footage, commenting that Nigerians were be treated like animals, and lambasted the actions of Libyans since former president Gaddafi was ousted and killed.

A quote from BBC reads:

"Some Nigerians [in the footage] were being sold like goats for few dollars in Libya," Mr Buhari said during the address to the Nigerian diaspora on Tuesday, before lashing out at Libya.

''After 43 years of [Col Muammar] Gaddafi, why are they recruiting so many people from the Sahel including Nigerians?" he demanded. "All they learned was how to shoot and kill. They didn't learn to be electricians, plumbers or any other trade."He went on to make another of promises, stating that Nigerians will now"

Buhari went on to make a number of sweeping promises, claiming that his administration would take action towards tackling corruption, defeating Boko Haram, and improving adverse conditions that cause Nigerians to leave the country in the first place, such as lack of education and unemployment.

Since CNN published the story last week, many have called out the home countries of those enslaved in Libya for failing to take urgent action to help stranded refugees. Yesterday, the Rwandan government released a statement, offering refuge to those stranded.

A video from CNN Africa, appears to show a group of Nigerians, several of them women and children, returning home from Libya.

Many are staying hopeful that the Nigerian government will deliver on its promise of rehabilitating all of those affected.

News Brief
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