Audio: E.L. x M.anifest x D-Black x Sarkodie 'The Ch.Osen' [Download]

The biggest in Ghanaian rap, E.L., M.anifest, D-Black, and Sarkodie, come together on this laidback synth and saxophone beat for “The Ch.Osen.”

This is crazy chale — the biggest rap names out of Ghana come together on this laidback synth and saxophone beat for "The Ch.Osen." E.L.M.anifestD-Black, and Sarkodie all spit their 16 bars. Who had the best verse? Download the E.L.-produced track below.

[audio:|titles=  E.L. x M.anifest x D-Black x Sarkodie 'The Ch.Osen']

>>>Download: E.L. x M.anifest x D-Black x Sarkodie 'The Ch.Osen' 

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Photo by Eric Lafforgue/Art in All of Us/Corbis via Getty Images.

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