Cairo Liberation Front 'Guns 'N Mozes: Egyptian Democrazy' [Mixtape]

Check out Cairo Liberation Front's newest mixtape, Guns ‘N Mozes: Egyptian Democrazy.

In the celebratory spirit of the Morsi downfall, the Egyptian DJ collective Cairo Liberation Front assembled nineteen electro Chaabi tracks titled Guns ‘N Mozes: Egyptian Democrazy, furthering their advocacy of the home style. The mixtape featured thirty minutes of high energy, shedding light on a multitude of different artists all showcasing their individual styles. With artist like Mohamed Saad, Yanas and Ostaz, Egypt is in full force, giving Cairo Liberation Front an added meaning to their name. For all our homies in Europe, the Liberation Front will be touring to five cities in two different countries. Look below for the dates as well as the official link + tracklist for the mixtape, and a few words on the project from CLF themselves.

"Guns 'N Mozes: Egyptain Democrazy is is our celebration of the Morsi downfall. This fifth mixtape contains only the latest hits from the incredible Electro-Cha3bi scene from Cairo and surroundings."

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1. راحوا الحبايب - احمد عدوية (CLF Edit)

2. Mic Abdo Negar, Elsager, Shamndora and Dj Fifty – Elmsaol

3. Yakol 3la Derso - Hoba Elly

4. حصريا مهرجان دماغى طقت منى - اوكا واورتيجا وحريقه تحميل مباشر

5. Dj Mado, Salsa & 7arfosh - Mahrgan Shofe

6. Dj El Dezel, Kanka & 3mr El Gazar - Bent el 7alal

7. Mic 7albsa, Twzi3 & Sha5bta Lagbta – Sardena

8. مهرجان كلو يخش ينام غناء مروان لبط وخوليو وهوندا توزيع مروان لبط

9. Mic Fifty, Sadat, MC Amin & DJ Amr 7a7a - Es7b Geb Wara

10. تحميل مهرجان متعب و شادية

11. مهرجان معمه

12. Mohamed Saad – Tatah

13. El8% - El Gens El Na3em

14. حبيى يا رقه غندى والسويى توزيع دى جى فيجو

15. مهرجان فرقعة من جوة الصومعة خالد مايكل حوده شقاوة استوديو كاريوكا

16. مافيا الافاتار ونجوم العجمى

17. Yanas – Hatgan

18. Figo - مهرجان مشاكسين

19. Ostaz - El


19 July - RecycleArt - Brussels [BE]

28 July - Sfinks Mixed - Antwerp [BE]

4 August - Zomerparkfeest - Venlo [NL]

25 August - Krachtstroom Festival - Amersfoort [NL]

7 September - Effenaar - Eindhoven [NL]

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