Producer Ethiopian Records Blends UK Garage And Ethiopian Folk In 'Terraraw (The Mount)'

Addis-Ababa-based producer Ethiopian Records aka Endeguena Mulu shares the lead single off his 1432 R EP 'Ben Engelf Lebe (In My Sleep)'

Ethiopian Records aka E.R. is the production moniker of Addis Ababa-based musician Endeguena Mulu, one of the torchbearers of the 'Ethiopiyawi' sound, an experimental and alluring mix of Ethiopian folk music, electronica, UK garage, Ethio-jazz, field recordings and dub. E.R.'s readying the follow-up to his striking debut Qen Sew with Ben Engelf Lebe (In My Sleep) EP, which draws inspiration from "the sun, Ethiopian war hymns, and [Endeguena Mulu's] own dreams," his label 1432 R tells us. Much like his friend and labelmate Mikael Seifu's tracks, Mulu's electronic compositions are sublimely hypnotizing with their blend of underground beatwork and traditional Ethiopian samples. Stream "Terraraw (The Mount)," a "meditation on the mountains that we all must climb during our lifetimes" from his upcoming EP below. Ben Engelf Lebe (In My Sleep) EP is available for pre-order now from 1432 R.

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