Prêt-À-Poundo: Top 5 Menswear S/S 13

Prêt-À-Poundo: Top 5 Menswear S/S 13

This is a Top 5 showcasing the best of the best menswear for Spring/Summer 13 Collections.

Dear gentlemen,

Here we are. You probably saw our Top 5 Womenswear S/S 13 last week and maybe thought that you'd be left on the side. You were wrong. We went through many collections and this seems to be the best of the best for the original man that you are. Let's do a quick survey: do you like something bold that doesn't feel like a costume? Do you like African prints? Do you like it when the outfit is ready? Do you like to be trendy and edgy? Do you like the idea of being part of the sapeurs? Do you like colors, bold statements, and emerging fashion? Do you like to have a masterpiece in your closet? Do you like individual signature in design and exclusive material? Do you like when it's perfectly fitted? Well, if you checked any of these, you're going to love these 5 collections.

Designer Hakeem Adeyinka Balogun - King Hakbal(Nigeria)

Collection: The Dapper Men Collection/ The Urban Royale Collection

Inspiration: "The ethos is all about sartorial elegance."

Little extra: Balogun is many celebrities' favorite designer.

Designer Laurence Chauvin-Buthaud - Laurence Airline(Ivory Coast/Paris)

Collection: Koutoukou, a tropical drink from the Ivory Coast

Inspiration: "Re-imagining the African continent’s cultural inheritance in a way that fashion and ethnic cultures can successfully collaborate to create possibilities for the future is the driving force behind LaurenceAirline."

Little extra: The way she uses bazin and traditionnal damask cotton (popular in West Africa) will keep you cool during the summer.

Designer Abenaa Pokuaa - Ohema Ohene(UK/Ghana)

Collection: Ohema Ohene S/S 13 Collection

Inspiration: Ohema Ohene blends quintessentially British styling with West African textiles, which is representative of London’s multicultural population.

Little extra: They do womenswear as well.

Designer Ozwald Boateng - Ozwald Boateng(UK/Ghana)

Collection: Ozwald Boateng S/S 13

Inspiration: "True to his pioneer spirit, Ozwald Boateng consistently breaks new ground, combining fashion, design, art and architecture."

Little extra: Boateng is charismatic and also one of the most talented and creative menswear designer of this last decade.

Designer Ian Audifferen - Tzar Resort(Nigeria)

Collection: Oasis of Calm

Inspiration: Bold and edgy menswear which can be borrowed by the women around you.

Little extra: Everyone can rock these tee-shirts and shirts with a vintage or African-inspired feel and as a bold statement, they'll make your outfit shine. Plus, the pieces are unisex.

Photography- Alistair Englebert Preston/ Model- Wale Bello.

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