Film: Frances Bodomo's Boneshaker

Film: Frances Bodomo's Boneshaker

If this 39-second teaser is even the slightest depiction of what it means to be an African away from home, we’re thoroughly intrigued. The idea that most Africans are positively homeless and nomadic is visually constructed in the film Boneshaker by Ghanaian filmmaker Nuotama Frances Bodomo, who incorporates experiences from her nomadic life crossing 4 continents. Set on a trip to Louisiana in order to release the spirits harming their daughter, Blessing, Boneshaker is about a Ghanaian family coping with making a life in America while being haunted by the missing traditions of home. Having a spiritual connection to Ghana, yet having been influenced by her assimilative experiences in Norway, America, & Japan, Bodomo's film journey reflects the woman she is becoming and the imagination that has nurtured her sense of home, regardless of where her feet touch the ground. Check out the promo clip for Boneshaker below. And visit the website where you can donate to make sure that this short film sees the light of day!

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(H/T AfriPOP)