Flash of the Spirit: Big Freedia's Sissy Bounce & Sierra Leone Tribal

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Flash of the Spirit, a new Okayafrica series, highlights instances in which elements of traditional African culture have directly informed popular African-American art, music, and aesthetics. The series is named after the book by Robert Farris Thompson.

Check out that bounce! Dayum the folk in Big Freedia's "Na Who Mad" clip can shake it. It reminds us of the video for Bajah + the Dry Eye Crew's dance anthem "Jacky Jacky," (below) which reminds us of the traditional Mende and Temne tribal dances that the kids in the video are referencing... which reminds us of the deep cultural ties that exist between West African and African-American culture. It kinda gives us the chills. Watch above and grab a free download of Big Freedia's club banger "Na Who Mad"!

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