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Google To Improve On Kiswahili, IsiZulu and IsiXhosa Translations

Poor translations of Kiswahili, IsiZulu and IsiXhosa to improve on Google Translate.

SOUTH AFRICA–You may or may not have noticed how poorly Google Translate interprets African languages such as IsiZulu, IsiXhosa and KiSwahili. The feature normally translates word-for-word which results in incoherent sentences.

Well, that's going to come to an end, according to Google South Africa. The South African newspaper, City Press reports that this will be achieved by machines being taught to teach themselves using long short-term memories called LSTMs.

The update will enable machines to translate the languages almost similar to how human beings do. Laura Scott, Google’s manager of Reputation Communications and Public Affairs was quoted by the paper saying, “With neural translation we believe that the translations are now significantly better than they were before, particularly with long sentences.”

Scott further highlighted the challenges the tech giant faces with the three languages. “It is of course very complicated to see improvements in languages where there’s not such a body of reference material, like in IsiZulu, IsiXhosa and Kiswahili—the improvements won’t be as huge as the Chinese improvements we saw last year, for instance. So that might mean that some of the short word translations are not as good as you might expect, but we think that the trade-off is good, and we’ve seen enough of an improvement to think that those are worth being let into the world.”

Which explains why there are still some translations the application still gets wrong. But hopefully, with time, things will get better.

Read the full report on the City Press website here.

News Brief
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Whoisakin Channels His Love For Anime In the New Video For ‘Magic’

The single, featuring Olayinka Ehi, comes off his latest EP Full Moon Weekends.

Nigerian singer-songwriter Whoisakin is sharing a new music video to accompany his hit summer release, "Magic".

His roots certainly show true as his Lagos inspired trap soul/R&B sounds fill us up with feelings of summer and a love made from dreams.

High off of a recent feature in Rolling Stone, Whoisakin's latest music video comes off of his debut EP Full Moon Weekends, his first release as a part of Mr Eazi's #emPawa30 project.

With all of the successes and accomplishments that have come along with it, the original story behind the song isn't as sweet, "Magic was actually inspired by a summer 2019 fling I had with some girl", the 22-year-old singer says, "Even though I thought the relationship had potential at the early stages, she never felt the same way and it was just 'vibes' for her. I mean the moments were beautiful but they never lasted. I made the record a few weeks after we were over. She got upset at me and that was it."

He went on to speak about his first release into the music industry as, "a full story about me and my relationships in 2019, basically. I was doing an internship with some construction company at the time so I had a whole lot of time to live life (especially the nightlife), experience new things. So, I felt like an animated series for the whole tape would be the best way to share the story better. Plus, I'm a big anime fan."

Check out Whoisakin's music video for "Magic" here.

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