Pre-Independence Botswana-Set Animated Feature Chronicles Khama III's Fight Against Cecil Rhodes

'I Am Khama' is a forthcoming animated film about King Khama III's bid to save Becheunaland (now Botswana) from annexation by Cecil Rhodes.

I Am Khama is a forthcoming animated feature film based on King Khama III’s 1895 campaign to protect Becheunaland (now Botswana) from continued plunder by British imperialist Cecil Rhodes. The film chronicles events surrounding the famed Tswana monarch's tour of Britain, where he lobbied against the proposed annexation of his land by Rhodes' British South Africa Company. Director Mark Macauley (who previously authored The House Of Slamming Doors) recently shared a preview clip of the film, which he calls "the tale of the true founding of Botswana." Currently in pre-production, I Am Khama has a number of actors signed on to voice the major roles, including Colin Salmon (Law & Order UK) as Khama and Conleth Hill (Game Of Thrones) as Cecil Rhodes.

The film is slated for a 2016 release. Watch a short clip and read the full synopsis below. Keep up with I Am Khama on Twitter.

"It is 1895 and Her Majesty, Queen Victoria, governs half the World. King Khama, a charismatic African ruler, is furious. The British Government is about to give control of his country, The Bechuanaland Protectorate, to Cecil Rhodes, the richest diamond tycoon in the World, who will remove Khama and put his people under the shackles of colonial rule. Khama rushes to England accompanied by two eccentric kings and a young white schoolboy who insists he’s African, and loathes the English. The three kings make a whirlwind tour of Britain trying to gather enough support to save their country 'for our children and our children’s children'. Success! Support floods in from all over the land. But then? Disaster! Khama discovers that all is lost unless he can discover Rhodes’ real plan: to use Bechuanaland as a platform, attack Johannesburg and steal all its gold. Khama discovers the plot and threatens exposure. The Government is forced to surrender. Khama goes to Windsor Castle and charms Queen Victoria, who formalises the new agreement. Khama has saved his country for the future. Bechuanaland is now called The Republic of Botswana, and is Africa's success story."

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Reekado Banks Recalls The Carnage of The #EndSARS Protests In Single 'Ozumba Mbadiwe'

The Nigerian singer pays his respects to those lost during last year's #EndSARS protests.

Nigerian singer and songwriter Reekado Banks is back with a track that is as socially important as it is a banger. It seems fitting for the singer's first solo release of the year to be a tribute to his fellow countrypeople fighting for a country that they all wish to live in. The 27-year-old Afrobeats crooner has returned with endearing track 'Ozumba Mbadiwe', honoring the one-year anniversary of the #EndSARS protests that saw the Nigerian government authorize an onslaught of attacks on Nigerian citizens for their anti-government demonstrations.

The protests took the world by storm, additionally because the Nigerian government insists that none of the police brutality happened. In an attempt to gaslight the globe, Nigerian officials have come out to hoards to deny any and all accusations of unlawfully killing peaceful protesters. Banks mentions the absurd denials in the track, singing "October 20, 2020 something happened with the government, they think say we forget," in the second verse. Reekado's reflective lyrics blend smoothly and are supported by the upbeat, effortless Afrobeat rhythm.

In another reflective shoutout to his home, 'Ozumba Mbadiwe' is named after a popular expressway on Lagos Island that leads to the infamous Lekki Toll Gate where protesters were shot at, traumatized, and murdered. Although packed with conscious references, the P.Priime produced track is a perfect amalgamation of the talents that Reekado Banks has to offer; a wispy opening verse, a hook to kill, and an ethereal aura to mark this as a song as a hit. On "Ozumba Mbadiwe," all the elements align for Reekado's signature unsinkable sound to take flight.

Check out Reekado Bank's lyric video for his single 'Ozumba Mbadiwe'

Reekado Banks - Ozumba Mbadiwe (Lyric Video)

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