Nigerian-American Jackie Aina Catches Flames For Insensitive New Candle
Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for YouTube Beauty

The s-candle burns bright on Twitter as the Youtuber's 'Sòrò Sókè' candle sparks fury over the political meaning behind the name.

We didn't think this week we would see drama from a candle release. But here we are.

Nigerian-American Youtuber Jackie Aina has angered the Nigerian online community after the latest release from her lifestyle candle brand Forvr Mood. The candle, titled"Sòrò Sókè" which translates to "Speak Up", has the Nigerian community up in arms as the saying was originally used during the inhumane #ENDSARS saga that saw the Nigerian government willfully gun down peaceful protesters.

In a video sharing Aina's event celebrating her latest collection, "Owombe", her official Twitter account announced the names of the four new fragrances: Sòrò Sókè, No Wahala, Soft Life, and Spice of Life. In a behind-the-scent type video, Aina clearly understood the original meaning behind 'Soro Soke', however, her explanation did seem rather out of touch.

"Soro Soke in Yoruba means 'Speak Up'", she acknowledges in the video. But, it doesn't get better as she continues. "When I first smelled this scent it was bold, and I wanted to give it a name that matched the energy of what I was smelling." The former beauty influencer turned lifestyle guru then kindly goes on to describe the bold, yet creamy nature of sandalwood.

Unfortunately, she continues: "Speaking up is important, but you can never do it alone. I felt really inspired by the fact that it was layered and supported with these other beautiful, stunning notes." There was no mention of the boldness being inspired by the power and force behind Nigerian youths.

Some have falsely accused Aina of having stayed silent while the protests were taking place, though there are examples of her sending support to those in her home country. It would be unfair to assume that Aina's actions were intentional... however, calling a cousin back home probably would've done her some good.

Aina has yet to respond to the online criticism.

Nigerian twitter is not having it