LV x Josh Idehen 'Imminent'

LV x Josh Idehen 'Imminent'

Stream London production duo LV and UK/Nigerian Josh Idehen's warped-out and completely delirious single "Imminent."

London production duo LV link up with Benin City's UK/Nigerian frontman Josh Idehen for the first time since their cult collaborative LP Routes for the skittering, warped-out and completely delirious "Imminent." The track builds on LV's upbeat percussive patterns , a pitch-shifting synthesizer and Idehen's vocal riffs about young gang life in Hackney. He states,

I came home one day to find police tape all around, but – pfff – you just walk around that, but there was a huge amount of blood on the ground. Turns out it was a kid who was hanging around Hackney who was a bit of a… ruffian. So I’d walk past girls on the balcony and hear little snippets about how he was dating people… so it was a girl thing… it was a honey trap… he was part of this gang, part of that gang when he was murdered. What I wanted to do was tell a story about what essentially was ‘the norm’ at the time when I lived in Hackney.

Stream LV and Josh Idehen's "Imminent" below and, while you're at it, check out LV's Africa In Your Earbuds mixtape from a while back.