Muthoni Drummer Queen & Kagwe Mungai Predict It’s Gonna Be ‘Hot This Year’ In New Dance Track

It’s finna be a lit 2016 according to Nairobi's Muthoni Drummer Queen and Kagwe Mungai.

Muthoni Drummer Queen via Facebook.

It’s finna be lit this year according to Kenyan-based rapper, singer and drummer Muthoni Drummer Queen and Kagwe Mungai.

The Nairobi artists just let loose “Hot This Year,” a new track which forecasts rising temperatures and peak dance floor levels for 2016. The song comes accompanied by a fire-laden animated lyric video.

The new single sees Kagwe and Muthoni rapping over kicks, hi-hats, claps-on-claps and sprawling synths that are laid over a drawn out DJ Mustard-style bass line—it’s all a call to dance for the mobile abled among us. So turn up and check out “Hot This Year” below.