Naas Producers Daddy Warbucks & Andy Islands Premiere Mixes

Naas Producers Daddy Warbucks & Andy Islands Premiere Mixes

Stream a pair of mixes from Cape Town-based naas producers Daddy Warbucks and Andy Islands.

Cape Town's naas is fast becoming a hub for left-of-field music and film in South Africa. The creative agency, who last year assisted in putting out Cape Town beatmaker Cutting Gems' excellent debut EP, started off the new year with perhaps their most ambitious effort yet, the stunning track and video for Card On Spokes' electronic head nodder "On The Low" featuring Boyzn Bucks rapper Okmalumkoolkat and vocalist Nonku Phiri. "We do management, bookings, publishing, distribution, marketing, PR, artistic development, organise touring, events, music videos, photoshoots, design," naas say. Today we're excited to premiere a pair of mixes from the agency's latest future-sounding producers Daddy Warbucks and Andy Islands. For more, keep up with all things naas on Facebook, SoundCloud, and Twitter, and download/listen to mixes from Daddy Warbucks and Andy Islands below.

Daddy Warbucks Mixtape Tracklist:

1. Daddy Warbucks - Rocketry

2. Daddy Warbucks - UMF (Featuring Bean & Pasco)

3. Daddy Warbucks - The Woo Girl

4. Daddy Warbucks - Frank Stein

5. Doc Daneeka - Walk On In (Featuring Ratcatcher)

6. Dense & Pika - Colt

7. Jonny Miller, Cuebur, Okmalumkoolkat - Usangikhumbula (Jumping Back Slash Remix)

8. HNNY - Most Really Pretty Girls Have Pretty Ugly Feet

Andy Islands Mixtape Tracklist:

1. Andy Islands - Blue Screener

2. Andy Islands - Magic Arp

3. Andy Islands - Untitled 4 x Albany Lore - The Cynics Surrender

4. Andy Islands - Untitled 5

5. Andy Islands - Duck Test

6. Andy Islands - Ender