Project Runways All Stars' Korto Momolu At NYFW

'Project Runway All Stars' Korto Momolu unveiled her Fall/Winter 14 collection during New York Fashion Week 14 (NYFW) runway show.

No need for introduction, Liberian Project Runway All Star Korto Momolu unveiled her Fall/Winter 14 collection during New York Fashion Week last night. The energy was electric with a beautiful crowd present and a live DJ set. Momolu signs a womenswear collection pairing dark tones, fabric combinations and a feminine silhouette with a hint of modernity. We were however disappointed by a lack of creativity and originality during the show– there was a deja vu sensation. It doesn’t take away from the work provided and the nice looks, but we’d like to see Momolu taking more risks and bring a stronger signature to her brand. Scroll through our gallery above for photos of Korto Momolu's collection at NYFW and if you want to talk about it, tweet @okayafrica with #kortomomolulu.

Image supplied by artist.

Listen to Ami Faku's New Single 'Lala Ngoxolo' Featuring Emtee

Ami Faku's new single 'Lala Ngoxolo' featuring Emtee is a much-needed song for the difficult times in which we all find ourselves.

Ami Faku recently released her latest single "Lala Ngoxolo" featuring Emtee. The song starts the year off on a soothing tone for the difficult times in which South Africa (and the world) finds itself amid the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown. Ami Faku is best known for her emotionally evocative songs and "Lala Ngoxolo" certainly keeps to that standard.

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