Listen to Nigeria's RnB Princess' New 'Becoming' EP

Listen to Nigeria's RnB Princess' New 'Becoming' EP

The six tracks on RnB Princess' Becoming EP are an undeniable wash of emotions, with soulful melodies that tell the story of love, pride, vulnerability and complacency.

The project is a representation of the Nigerian artist’s ability to capture nostalgia for the contemporary listener through Afro-infused RnB. RnB Princess assembled a talented team of collaborators for Becoming. She features Brum3h and MisterKay on two of the tracks—"Let Me In," a vulnerable expression of desire and "Perfect Girl," a tense look at the frustrations of being a perfect partner.

"I’m inspired by various things: personal experiences, thoughts in my head, prayers/manifestations, dreams, the experiences of others, even shows and books," she tells OkayAfrica. "Being a highly sensitive person allows me to connect deeply to emotions (even if they’re not necessarily mine)."

There's further contributions of a notable set of producers and engineers including Master Maison, Beats by Ladi, Dr. Roman, Brum3h, Demulla, Beezy X, Mr. Cizzle and Trill Xoe. They all help capture RnB Princess in her natural element, an unchallenged state of being through which she can share her emotions with raw honesty.

The singer describes cites her early musical influences as Whitney Houston, Usher, Luther Vandross and Michael Jackson. She considers herself an old soul, able to link the old with the new, as well as imprint her style onto local and global contemporary RnB scenes.

"I wanted to create a project that would lay homage to R&B, as a genre that’s integral to my artistry," she mentions. "As a storyteller, the project followed the timeline of the beginning to the end of a love affair. I also intentionally wanted to keep the songs as short and sweet as possible, easy to sing along to while still feeling all the feels."

Listen to Becoming below.