Stream An Exclusive Mixtape From Uganda's Newest Music Festival

Stream An Exclusive Mixtape From Uganda's Newest Music Festival

DJ Zhao shares an exclusive mixtape ahead of the inaugural Nyege Nyege Festival in Jinja, Uganda.

This weekend, Uganda's newest festival will debut with three days of music, visual and performance art, food and film in Jinja. Organized by the Kampala-based Boutique Foundation, the inaugural Nyege Nyege International Music Festival will bring together over 30 different acts to Uganda's source of the Nile, including Ghanaian rap duo FOKN Bois, Just A Band's Blinky Bill, Lisbon's DJ Marfox, Burkinabé rapper Art Melody, Akwaaba Music founder BBRAVE, Brussels-based producer/DJ Max Le Daron, DJ Zhao and the Ngoma Sound System and Kampala's DJ Rachael). Cult Ugandan film producers Wakaliwood will be on the ground shooting a vampire epic featuring festival-goers.

Below, we premiere an exclusive Nyege Nyege mixtape by DJ Zhao. "The infinite and timeless rhythmelodic traditions from the motherland and its myriad mutations around the globe, and their sometimes difficult to perceive but indivisible connection," the Beijing-born, Berlin-based DJ says about his inspiration for the mix. "It is my duty as rhythm ambassador to reveal the truth about these connections between ancient and future, between the so-called 'East' and so-called 'West', in a visceral way on the dance floor; and it is what i have tried to do with this mix."

Nyege Nyege takes place Friday, October 16, through Sunday, October 18, in Jinja, Uganda. Find out more information by heading to the festival's official website and Facebook page

DJ Zhao's Nyege Nyege Official Mix Tracklist

01 Nilotika Cultural Ensemble - Song 1 (Nyegenyege Tapes)

02 Gerjke - Lothario Steeze

03 Melé - Latifah

04 Disco Vumbi – Ukuti (Nyegenyege Tapes)

05 Dj Rum - DAM (Accord Remix)

06 Nilotika Cultural Ensemble - Tugifa 2 (Nyegenyege Tapes)

07 Disco Vumbi - Rasta Farai (Nyegenyege Tapes)

08 Dj Eddy Favelado - Afrobeat 195

09 Bekzin Terris – Ubizo Iwabamhiophe (Forever)

10 Sylvere - No Drumstick Please

11 Dj Rams - Suave Kuhouse 2009

12 Black Motion - Talking Drums

13 A-City Boys - Induku (Remake)

14 DjTaj ft. Sliick & Lil E - BBE Challenge Team Taj

15 Disco Vumbi – Train (Nyegenyege Tapes)

16 Wildlife! - Work It

17 Disco Vumbi - Didi @ Night (Nyegenyege Tapes)

18 Klipar - Shout (The Town Remix)

19 Paleman - Breezeldub

20 Cedaa - Nippon (Chaos In the CBD Remix)

21 Headhunter - Chasing Dragons

22 Cherry Coffee (Mike Q's Almighty Mix)

23 Nilotika Cultural Ensemble - Tugifa 2 (Reprise) (Nyegenyege Tapes)

24 Dj Eddy Favelado - Afrobeat 120

25 Zombie Disco Squad - The Cursed

26 Simon Divine - Ink Wash

27 Ogoya Nango - Ohangla II

28 MikeQ - The Master Blaster (Original Mix)

29 Disco Vumbi - Noisy Conversation (Nyegenyege Tapes)

30 Treasure Fingers &Basco - Names (Taste Tester Remix)

31 Makadem – Mganga Mkuu (nyegenyege tapes)

32 ELO & FOKN Bois - Aha AhafeatSena (URH Remix)

33 CYPHR - Girl Shake

34 Swordman ft. Big Youth - Life Ain't Easy (Nyegenyege Tapes)

35 SPMC - Declassified

36 Mungo’s Hifi - International Roots (Liquid Wicked Remix)

37 Mungo’s Hifi - International Roots Dub

38 Lady Slyke – Tupambana (Nyegenyege Tapes)

39 Taso - Bambamkilla

40 Ground Mass Music - Iyer - Syncopate

41 Johnny Loopz - Work That Shit (Juke Ellington Remix)

42 Sonido Berzerk - Coconut (El Barba Dub Remix)

43 Dj Slugo - Juke Me From The Back Low

44 Leatherface - Ghetto Boy

45 Addison Groove - Warped

46 The Riddlore - De La Ghetto (Nyegenyege Tapes)

47 Lebon ft Blessed San - We Never Give Up (Nyegenyege Tapes)

Photo: Nekane Ozamiz