Pharrell Partners With Woolworths South Africa To "Save The World"

Pharrell and Woolworths South Africa are partnering to "Save the world" with a new collaboration called "Are you with us?"

Earlier today Pharrell took to Twitter to announce his new collaboration with Woolworths SA. Independent Media reports that Pharrell is to become the new style director of Woolworths, and the South African retailer confirmed the partnership at a press briefing in Johannesburg on Thursday. The collaboration, Are you with us?, is primarily centered on environmental and educational activism.

"We're on a mission to change the world," Pharrell says in a video posted today. "Today we're announcing the new and great collaboration. To work together to uplift education in South Africa. For food farming that goes easy on the planet. And to create fashion that's not just cool, but also sustainable. So join me and all the people from Woolworths, on our journey to make a difference. South Africa are you with us?" We're still waiting for specifics on how they hope to achieve this.