Watch PHFat & JungFreud's 'Lights Out' Video

Watch PHFat & JungFreud's 'Lights Out' Video

Watch Cape Town electronic rap outfit P.H.fat and JungFreud's video for 'Lights Out.'

Back in March Okayafrica caught up with Cape Town mainstays PHFat to talk what they referred to as their "best work yet." Their infectious bass psychosis "Lights Out" marked a turning point for the electro-rap outfit. In the aftermath of their third groupmate Disco's departure, the remaining members of PHFat “Smooth Mike” Zietsman and Narch linked up with fellow Cape Town muso Nonku Phiri as her alter rap ego JungFreud. "A lot of our discussions were about psychology and psychologists cos I was obsessed with Freud and his impact on advertising when we started hanging out," Smooth Mike told us about Nonku's new persona. In the five months since we spoke, PHFat have gone on to tour Australia, headline Oppikoppi and play across South Africa to overcapped venues, and plus their first track with JungFreud now has over 100,000 plays on soundcloud. This week the crew shared a new video for "Lights Out" along with the following letter from Smooth and Narch:

Yeah, we’re fuckin flying right now. Thanks for asking. Rap life is incredible. We just had what might have been our favourite show we’ve ever played at Oppikoppi and the whole of July we spent playing to packed out clubs all over the country. It’s fucking crazy to see how support for what we do has grown. Our one friend told us they turned away six hundred people from our show in Knysna… We didn’t even know there were six hundred people in the whole of Knysna!?! That’s like a whole fuggen extra club full of people. Someone else told us there were a bunch of broken floorboards in one of the clubs after our show. It’s often difficult to see whether you are still making progress when you work as a musician, but there have been a bunch of things this year that have said to us “Hey Dudes, Good job! Keep Going!”

We actually got distracted enough by all of the rap shows and touring that we kept forgetting to release the new music video for our song that we did with JungFreud called ‘Lights Out’. The song is still free off of our soundcloud. Along with all the rest of our songs.

Our homie Ryan Kruger made it. Our other homie Alex An-Los is a stunt coordinator who has been working with a team of actor/stunt-homies on a dope fight sequence. We told them to speak to each other and then they made this video.

Watch the video below and download "Lights Out" via soundcloud here.