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These Pint-Sized Musical Prodigies Are Melting Hearts in Kenya

“I don’t have a good job I can get to pay for music school, so after learning some stuff I decided to do it on my own, and also to teach my children.”

It’s not every day that you meet an African father encouraging his children to pursue a career in the arts, but BBC and Nairobi News bring to our attention one who is encouraging his young son and daughter to nurture their musical talent.

Musa Munyalo is teaching his nine-year-old daughter Esther and five-year-old son Chris how to play instruments himself in their one-bedroom apartment in Mathere North, a slum in Nairobi. It all started when Munyalo’s children would randomly sing along as he practiced his guitar.

“I don’t have a good job I can get to pay for music school, so after learning some stuff I decided to do it on my own, and also to teach my children,” Munyalo tells the BBC.

And his efforts are paying off. The duo are quickly become popular pint-sized musical prodigies in Kenya.

Chris and Esther as part of their father’s seven-member band Wahenga Wenyeji have not only performed on TV, sold out shows and teamed up with top entertainers, but they now make enough from their music gigs to offset the cost of their school fees and uniforms (could this be parenting of the future? Kids who help pay for themselves?) Their socially conscious lyrics focusing on child abuse, education and other youth issues is part of the secret sauce to their overnight success.

“I want them to inspire people and their life to change. I want this music to help them earn a living, so that they can earn a good life,” Munyalo says. “Yes, that is what I really want for them to have a happy life.”

It most definitely pays to have a shilling and dream.

Watch Chris sing “Dunia” at four-years-old, and prepare to have your heart melted.

News Brief
Photo: Single cover art courtesy of Emerald East

Rema Welcomes 2021 With New Single 'Bounce'

The Don Jazzy produced track reminds us of why the Nigerian singer-songwriter is topping charts.

Nigerian golden boy Rema took his time on deciding how to start of 2021—and we're glad he did.

The afropop hitmaker is out with his first project of the year, "Bounce", after stunning fans with word of an upcoming album, and the cooks in this kitchen have not disappointed.

Keeping it in the Mavin Records family, legendary producer Don Jazzy sprinkles his magic on the track, while undoubtedly motivating the young singer-songwriter to be his best self. And with this track being like nothing we've heard from Rema before, one could say Jazzy succeeded. "Bounce", fast-paced and fierce, is a love song dedicated to bewitchingly beautiful and blessed bottoms. The candid declaration and hip shaking beat are a force duo and we can't help but love it.

Of the single and collaboration with head honcho Don Jazzy, Rema says, "This record was inspired by the luscious and magnificent body of the African woman. Furthermore, I'm really excited about this tune because it's my first single with the legendary Don Jazzy."

Honestly, when you start the year off with a banger, you get to make songs about butts.

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