Princess Vitarah Returns With Another Feisty Drop ‘Tell Your Husband’

Princess Vitarah Returns With Another Feisty Drop ‘Tell Your Husband’

“Fall back.”

After the viral success of music video "Nigerian Pussy," Princess Vitarah is back with another hit on her hands, "Tell Your Husband."

Shot and edited by Giovanni Ferlito, the new video shows the rapper-singer from Lagos, with Yorkie in tow, hangin’ with her squad before they have a ladies’ night over Malta beer, stew, jollof and fufu.

It’s a feisty track—perfect for this time of year when those who’d rather not sweat it out under the covers alone, slide into those DMs.

Posted up in front of a black Mercedes Benz and a graffiti mural (all the necessary trappings of a rap video), Princess Vitarah dons a golden gele while rapping, “Tell your husband stop callin’ me” and  jabs like, “I don’t need your man. It’s not like that.”

It seems since bragging that “Naija pussy is the cream of the crop,” the rap newcomer has had to fend off fuccbois disguised as suitors.

Okayafrica caught up with Princess Vitarah to learn more about the song and video for “Tell Your Husband” and to find out what she’s been up to since “Nigerian Pussy” nearly broke the internet.

Here’s what the L.A.-based rapper had to say over email:

What have you been up to since your single, "Nigerian Pussy" blew up?

I was offered quite a few record deals and management offers from music labels in the USA, Europe, South Africa, and Nigeria. I appreciate all the offers and the support that I have gotten from people, but I want to take my time in signing any contracts because when I finally decide to relinquish the rights to my music and artistry I want to make sure that whoever I sign with understands me as an artist and understands my creative vision so that I can stay true to my myself and to my fans.

What was the inspiration behind the video for "Tell Your Husband"?

After "Nigerian Pussy" blew up, I had a lot of guys DM-ing me and some of them would use business as an excuse to ask for my number. After talking for awhile I would realize that they had other intentions and I would ask them to stop calling me. Some were married men, with children even, and so I would think 'I wonder if his wife knows that he calls me this much.' I started free-styling in the studio one day, and that's how "Tell Your Husband" came to be.

What inspired the lyrics of "Tell Your Husband?"

The lyrics were inspired by thirsty guys who refuse to take 'no' for an answer. There's nothing wrong with wanting a girl, but if she blatantly tells you 'no' and asks you to stop calling her, then please take a hint [laughs]. I wanted women around the world to have an anthem for all the times they've had their phone blown up by someone that they really didn't want to speak to, especially if he's a married man.

Could you describe the style of the music video?

The style of the music video was inspired by my Nigerian heritage and my culture. In West Africa, a lot of women wear gele head-pieces as a sign of beauty and affluence. I incorporated this into my video because I wanted to present it to my fans who have never seen it before and to my audience who is familiar with it. Plus it just looks dope. You can't go wrong with a gold gele [laughs].

How was shooting the video?

Shooting the video was a lot of fun! 'Nigerian Pussy' was very "busy" shall I say, so I wanted this video to be more simple and artistic and show a different side of my personality. Everything that I’m wearing, from the gele head-piece, to my jewelry, shows who I am as a person and as an artist, because I love to express myself through my music and through my fashion.

Peep Princess Vatarah's music video at the top.