'Put Some Respeck On It' T-Shirts Now Available In The Okayplayer Shop

'Put Some Respeck On It' T-Shirts Now Available In The Okayplayer Shop

Get the official T-shirt of the Birdman meltdown: PUT SOME RESPECK ON IT

Get your very own "Put Some Respeck On It" T-shirt from the Okayplayer shop.

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By now you've seen the video of Birdman's epic tantrum on Power 105's Breakfast Club—the New York radio show where hip-hop beefs are made and ended—and have most likely seen the Okayplayer video of the Hamiltones putting the now infamous scene into verse (see the video below).

You may have even seen the Nigerian vs Ghanaian Jollof Rice version (also below). Now you can have the T-Shirt. Our brothers and sisters at Okayplayer have released the official one hundred-percent-luxury cotton-blend T-shirt of the Birdman meltdown and it's available in the shop for roughly half the price of this Rich Gang T-Shirt which appears to be a collage of jet engines.