You Need to Hear This Collaborative EP By Nigerian Duo Remy Baggins & Eri Ife

You Need to Hear This Collaborative EP By Nigerian Duo Remy Baggins & Eri Ife

YLLW is the contemporary afro-pop album you need in your life right now.

Even for the world's most popular and celebrated artists, collaborative albums can be a hit or miss. It may possibly require years of friendship or an instant and undeniable musical chemistry that brings two individuals to create a remarkable collaborative project.

Remy Baggins is a 22-year-old singer and producer based in Lagos. His proficiency and versatility as a beat maker has allowed him to work with various established and rising acts in Nigeria such as Ice Prince, MI Abaga,Famous Bobson and Jinmi Abduls to name a few.

Eri Ife is a fast-rising singer-songwriter from the afro-alternative scene who created a lot of buzz with his debut EP last year—a project dripping with mellow and up-lifting goodness evocative to a young Ed Sheeran.

YLLWis a glorious illustration of what happened when these two Lagos prodigies finally linked up.

From the vocals to the production and songwriting, this EP is just as vibrant and alive as its title would suggest. The 5-track project explores a variety of styles, injecting alternative R&B and hip-hop to craft a unique and collective afro-pop sound.

The EP is staggeringly cohesive and beautifully executed with every track seamlessly flowing into the next, giving the impression that you are listening to a continuous 16-minute piece of music.

Ghanaian artist Bryan the Mensah makes an appearance on the song "My City" and the duo was also heavily assisted by producer Sir Bastien who performs an interlude so good you will wish it was a full song.

It often occurs that the genius masterminds behind your favorite pop projects go unappreciated but in the case of YLLW, Remy Baggins is front and centre, leaving his undeniable footprint as one of the most gifted young producers in Lagos right now.

YLLW is a wonderful collaborative effort that exemplifies the new wave of go-getting Nigerian artists eager to break barriers with explosive cross-genre fusions. You definitely should not miss this!

Listen to "YLLW" by Remy Baggins & Eri Ife below for much-needed positive vibes.