Here's a Sampling of the Hottest Styles at the Roots Picnic

Photographer Camilo Fuentealba captures the banging street styles we saw at the 9th Annual Roots Picnic held at Philly's Festival Pier.

Okayafrica was in the house last weekend for the 9th annual Roots Picnic festival, which featured a myriad of musical talents from Ibeyi to JidennaDev Hynes a.k.a Blood Orange, and of course, headliners The Roots and Usher who put on an amazing show.

The street styles we saw among the crowd at Philly's Festival Pier were bangin'. We spotted a lot of African wax print, vibrant patterns and '90s swag. Photographer Camilo Fuentealba trailed us as we spoke to a few festival-goers, asking them about their song of the summer and who they were most hyped to see at the 2016 Roots Picnic.

Peep their snapshots and responses below.

Photos by Camilo Fuentealba for Okayafrica

Chinedu (right), 24 & Osse (left), 20

Job(s): Curator, creative director (Chinedu); Art curator (Osse)

Song of the summer:MadeinTyo's "I Want (Skr Skr)” Prod. By Metro Boomin (Chinedu); “No Problems” by Chance The Rapper (Osse)

Style inspiration: “‘90s Nickelodeon, specifically 'Rocko’s Modern Life' and the other side of it is hip-hop like Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, Rich Homie Quan and Ghostface [Killah]-type style,” Chinedu says.

Osse mentions, “Stuff that was worn around the years that I was born. Anything cultural or like a lot of stuff that I’ve been around growing up that just influences what I wear today.”

Photos by Camilo Fuentealba for Okayafrica

Nicole Johnson of Chicago, 26

Job: Educator

Most hyped to see at the Roots Picnic: Usher because I’ve been in love with him since second-grade.

Style inspiration: "I guess I try to identify with more Afrocentric culture and so whatever that feels like. I’m going to wrap my hair up today, tomorrow for the Beyoncé concert I’m dressing up like Serena Williams from the ‘Sorry’ video, so I have a black onesie tomorrow. It just depends on how I’m feeling, but most of my stuff is inspired by more African, Afrocentric culture so I have my dashikis. I have my colors."

Photos by Camilo Fuentealba for Okayafrica

Farha Mowlana, 33

Job: Case worker

Song of the summer: TBD

Most hyped to see at the Roots Picnic: “The Roots, of course. Yes, I’m really excited about that. I’ve never seen them live. I’ve traveled all the way from D.C. to see them.

Style inspiration: “I love Erykah Badu. I love the Bohemian chic style, so anybody who mixes ethnic with modern-day style really inspires me.”

Photos by Camilo Fuentealba for Okayafrica

Joel Yates, 31

Job: Server

Wearing: Dashiki purchased in Harlem at Malcolm Shabazz Market

Song of the summer: “Parking Lot” & “Am I Wrong” by Anderson Paak

Most hyped to see at the Roots Picnic: Anderson Paak

Photos by Camilo Fuentealba for Okayafrica

Danavin Tucker of Washington, D.C., 27

Job: Accountant

Song of the summer: “Actually I don’t have one. If it’s anybody I’ve been listening to the most this summer, it’s probably Ro James and his ‘El Dorado’ EP. I love it. Maybe ‘Last Cigarette’ from that album.”

Style inspiration: Actually it’s my city [D.C.] and everybody I meet, so whenever I go to a different place and I travel a lot like I came to Philly now, I’ll see something that I like and I’ll try to take something back home with me so they can see how my experience in Philly was.”

Most hyped to see at the Roots Picnic:  "Anderson Paak, although the Willow Smith performance just got me amped up."

Photos by Camilo Fuentealba for Okayafrica

Sheena Sood, 31

Job: PhD candidate in Sociology, yogini & healer

Song of the summer: “Dreamer” by Anderson Paak

Most hyped to see at the Roots Picnic: “Do I have to answer that one? EVERYBODY, yeah. Usher, Ibeyi, Anderson Paak, Leon Bridges. They have a really great lineup this year. I’m really excited for all of them.”

Photos by Camilo Fuentealba for Okayafrica

Raasheid Bell of Washington, D.C., 23

Job: Bartender

Song of the summer: “How Great” by Chance The Rapper

Most hyped to see at the Roots Picnic: I don’t know. I’m just hyped to be here, in general. Did you see Jill Scott? She’s been floating around in the audience. I don’t think she’s on any lineup, she’s just been in crowds. Everybody is like ‘Omg, it’s Jill.’ And she’s like ‘hey’ and then kinda dips out. It’s crazy. Yeah, nah, I’m just excited to be here. Anyone and everyone I get a chance to peep, I’m in love with it, you know?”

Photos by Camilo Fuentealba for Okayafrica

Ebony Ráe of the Bronx, NY, 26

Job: Administrative Assistant in schools

Song of the summer: “I have to take it old school, it has to be ‘Summertime’ by Will Smith. That doesn’t get old.”

Most hyped to see at the Roots Picnic: “I was super excited to see Chloe and Halle and I actually got to take a picture with them so that was super cool. But I’m excited to see everybody. Seeing them was pretty cool, they’re (Chloe and Halle) so down to earth.”

Style inspiration: “It’s whatever the mood is. Whatever is funky, fresh and whatever is original, just being myself that’s what I go with. However I’m feeling that day, that’s how I’m going to wear it. That’s it, no judgment.”

Photos by Camilo Fuentealba for Okayafrica

Nile Smith of Brooklyn, NY, 26

Job: Marketing for Nike

Song of the summer: “Anything Drake. Anything Migos. And also anything Kanye West. [He’s] been killing the summer with his last album. But those three in particular.”

Most hyped to see at the Roots Picnic: “Anderson Paak. He has a very soulful sound and he’s been featured on Kendrick Lamar’s album. He’s definitely beyond where we’re from now. And also Leon Bridges.”

Style inspiration: “It’s so diverse. Like today is inspiration from Andre 3000 when he was on tour and he had a jumpsuit with interesting, drastic inspirational words. But Kanye West is a huge major one. Brooklyn Circus back on Nevins Street back in downtown Brooklyn. Honestly, Erykah Badu. It’s not even from a male’s perspective. It’s from a whole diverse, non-gender-verse of people I get inspiration from.”

Photos by Camilo Fuentealba for Okayafrica

Temitope Famodu (right), 24 & Kiah Zellner-Smith (left), 23 of Minnesota

Job(s): Director of Communications (Temitope);

Song(s) of the summer: “I don’t have one yet.” (Temitope); “Anything off ‘Malibu’ by Anderson Paak” (Kiah)

Most hyped to see at The Roots Picnic: Temitope says,“I saw Ibeyi and I’ve been following them for a very long time. They’re Yoruba. I’m also Yoruba and I love their story and I love their vibe and I was so impressed by their show. This is my second time seeing them. I feel them.”

“Usher for sure. Ursher baby, yeah,” Kiah says enthusiastically.

Style inspiration(s): “Knick-knacks, museum-esque. Basic and then little trinkets.” (Temitope)

“Anything that feels good to me. I wear anything that feels like I’m expressing myself in a vibrant and dynamic way.” (Kiah)

Photos by Camilo Fuentealba for Okayafrica

Abidjon Castro Lopez (right), 25; Malcolm Ortiz (center), 22; Vincent Marc (left), 33 of Philadelphia, Pa.

Song(s) of the summer: “It’s a plethora of them, but right now it would be ‘Desperado’ by Rihanna” (Abidjon) “‘One Dance’ by Drake ft. Wizkid and Kyla. I can listen to it all day.” (Malcolm); "'Sorry” by Beyoncé" (Vincent)

Most hyped to see at The Roots Picnic: Anderson Paak (Abidjon); “Honestly, the first person I wanted to see was Willow [Smith]. We got here late so I didn’t get a chance to see her, but there’s always next time so...I’ll see her again soon,” (Malcolm); Swizz Beats (Vincent)

Style inspiration: “Very grunge. The other half of my best friend, Vincent. And very comfy one-stop-shop situation.” (Abidjon); “For today, it’s urban hippie.” (Vincent)

Photos by Camilo Fuentealba for Okayafrica

Gerry Fortilus, 24 of Queens, NY

Song of the summer: “Bruk Off Yuh Back” by Konshens

Most hyped to see at the Roots Picnic: Leon Bridges

Style inspiration: “I’m from New York, so I would say the gutter, street. I try to be as unpleasing to the eye as possible. Rebellious sums it up the best.”

Photos by Camilo Fuentealba for Okayafrica

Joy Kraft, 25 of Queens, NY

Song of the summer: “You Should Be Here” by Kehlani

Most hyped to see at the Roots Picnic: “Kehlani. All about her.”

Style inspiration: “Caribbean soul, I would say.”


Photos by Camilo Fuentealba for Okayafrica

Briana C. Carter, 17 of Philadelphia, Pa.

Song of the summer: “So far, I’m loving 'Thru It All' by Wintertime. He’s my new favorite artist.”

Most hyped to see at The Roots Picnic: “I was most hyped to see Willow Smith, but I had a hard time coming in here getting my ticket, so I accidentally missed her. But I do want to see [Lil Uzi] and I do want to see Future. Usher. I’m excited for everybody.”

Style inspiration: “I love to be different. I love to stand out. I’m kind of a quiet person, so I like to be loud with my style. I have kind of an eccentric style. Vintage. I shop at thrift stores only. And I love Willow Smith and Rihanna. They’re kind of a mix of my style.”

Photos by Camilo Fuentealba for Okayafrica

MensahWNR, 22

Song of the summer: 180 Flow” by MensahWNR

Most hyped to see at The Roots Picnic: The Roots

Style inspiration: Inspired by my father. I dress how he would dress in the times of now.”