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President Alassane Ouattara's Party Wins Majority Parliamentary Vote

Ivory Coast President Alassane Ouattara's ruling party has won majority of the contested parliamentary seats over opposition parties.

President Alassane Ouattara's party, Rally for the Republicans (RHDP), has reportedly secured majority of the parliamentary seats. This follows after the Ivory Coast parliament held official elections this past Saturday. The official results were announced by the country's electoral commission a few days later on Tuesday after much conflicting news about the results circulated. Ouattara reportedly attained 137 out of the contested 254 seats in the National Assembly.

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Photo by SIA KAMBOU/AFP via Getty Images

Ivory Coast President Alassane Ouattara Controversially Wins Third Presidential Term

President Alassane Ouattara has secured a controversial landslide victory in Ivory Coast's recent national elections despite boycotts.

President Alassane Ouattara has reportedly been voted into his third presidential term in Ivory Coast. This comes after the national election took place on October 31st. According to Al Jazeera, votes for Ouattara amounted to 94.2 percent of the total votes. Opposition parties have reportedly refused to accept the election results along with majority of the country who boycotted the elections. Additionally, violence and unrest preceded the elections when the country opposed Ouattara's third presidential run. Ouattara now joins fellow East African President Alpha Conde, who recently won his own third presidential term in Guinea amid the loss of several Guineans' lives.

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