Photo by Sabelo Mkhabela.

AKA's 'Bhovamania' Decoded

AKA's referential style of writing and producing, on display in his new EP Bhovamania, speaks to his hip-hop roots and varied musical taste, while the wrestling references on the project mirror his persona and the different stages of his career.

AKA loves dance music and wrestling. Both act as the pillars on which his latest EP, Bhovamania, is built. Constructing the EP as a concept album, AKA was deliberate in referencing WWE, the most obvious example being the title and artwork (\Bhovamania is derived from Wrestlemania).

"There's a lot of electric guitar on the album which is very much in the style of vintage WWE wrestler entrance themes," AKA told Apple Music in the album's liner notes. "I tried to play on that throughout the album to give it that kind of texture, and all those wrestling clips gave it that feel. In hip-hop, you project a persona, sometimes get stuck in character and become a bit larger than life with all the drama and over-the-top-ness. That's what the parallels between the two art forms are."

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