Juba Is Shifting the Focus Towards Female DJs In the Global South

DJ Juba talks to us about her Assurance podcast, which returned for a second season earlier this year.

Chinwe Pamela Nnajiuba aka Juba is a Nigerian DJ, currently situated in Berlin, who started her career in 2016 during what she describes as the "wave of afrobeats that connected with the kids of the diaspora."

Her Assurance podcast is a digital audio index centered on reflection and discussions surrounding the state of the music and DJ industry from the female perspective. With each episode presenting a different artist or DJ's experience, the podcast has slowly become an avenue for truth for its guests and listeners.=Juba embarked the project after the release of her first documentary, also titled Assurance, on Boiler Room TV, which featured three Lagos-based DJs: DJ Yin, Sensei Lo, and DJ Ayizan.

Share Her Power, the theme of the first season of the Assurance Podcast catered to helping and advising women who wish to get into the music industry whilst highlighting organizations and brands that support women and minorities in their career conquests.

The theme for the second season of Juba's podcast is Step Into You. We spoke to her below about the new season.

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Photo: Jacqueline Loaiza.

DJ Juba's ‘Assurance’ Podcast Focuses On Female DJs in the Global South

The project is a follow-up to her documentary which follows the experiences of female DJs in Nigeria.

The new Assurance Podcast is a follow-up to Juba's documentary, also titled Assurance. The 35-minute long documentary took an in-depth look at the experiences of three Lagos-based DJs: Sensei Lo, DJ Yin and DJ Ayizan. In her new podcast series, Juba directs this conversation to women DJs across the Global South.

"Last year I released 'Assurance' a documentary that I made about the experiences of female DJs in Nigeria and the obstacles that they face both on and off the dancefloors of Lagos," she tells OkayAfrica, "After its release, I realized that there were so many other stories to explore and I wanted to continue the conversations that were started with the first documentary."

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The New 'Assurance' Documentary Follows the Experiences of Female DJs in Nigeria

"Assurance was conceived out of my desire to find new perspectives in the music industry's gender imbalance debate," says DJ Juba.