This Nigerian MC Is The Queen Of Freestyles

Budding Texas-based rapper, Nezi Momodu discusses her Nigerian, Muslim upbringing, musical influences, and more in an interview.

"Hardest rapper in the cypher and I own a purse," rhymes 23-year-old Nigerian MC Nezi Momodu during her memorable verse at 2015's Texas Tech Cypher, a yearly freestyle circle at the Lubbock-based university. Somehow, we didn't even have to watch the rest of the video to believe Nezi's claim. The one-and-a-half minute snippet of Nezi spitting her noteworthy freestyle garnered quite a response and had the internet wanting to know more about the young female rapper who killed her competition with clever rhymes, undeniable skill and sheer assertiveness. We recently came across some more of Nezi's material – all equally dope — and were just as curious to learn more about the Texas-based rapper. We spoke to Nezi via email and in the process, we learned of the Naija-born rapper and fine artist's extensive musical influences and compelling backstory. She's the furthest thing from an archetypal rapper, and we couldn't be more delighted. Her presence as a Nigerian, Muslim woman in the notoriously male-dominated rap game is utterly refreshing. Read on for our interview with Nezi Momodu, and check out her cypher verse as well as other tracks from the budding artist below.

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