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Senegal Denies Release of Former Chadian President Hissène Habré

The Senegalese judicial government has refused to release Chad's imprisoned ex-president Hissène Habré on the alleged basis of his health concerns.

The Senegalese judiciary has refused former Chad president Hissène Habré's request to be released from prison. Habré faces life imprisonment for crimes against humanity including rape, kidnapping, slavery and executions. The decision by the Senegalese judiciary comes after the 79-year-old former statesman's lawyers reportedly filed for his release on the basis of health concerns.

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Chadians Plan to Sue United States and France For Collusion With Former Dictator

Victims of Chad’s former president Hissene Habre—Africa’s Pinochet—are launching a lawsuit against the US and France.

Victims of Chad’s former leader Hissene Habre nicknamed “Africa’s Pinochet” are planning to launch a lawsuit against the US and France. Just as soon as Habre is finished with his appeal in the special tribunal based in Dakar where he was convicted of committing crimes against humanity.

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