'God's Orgy' by Bright Ackwerh. Image courtesy of artist.

Bright Ackwerh Uses His Polarizing Satirical Illustrations To Tell the Hard Truths of the World

An in-depth conversation with the Ghanaian artist on his creative process and how his work contributes to socio political commentary.

Bright Tetteh Ackwerh is the 28-year-old satirical illustrator examining the world around him through his work. He livens Ghana's colorful art scene with his truths told through humor. The contemporary artist creates pieces that elicit responses that vary from conversations to debates.

Bright incisively tackles socio political and religious issues. Last spring, he published a piece that so infuriated the Chinese community in Ghana, a letter was written to the president and Minister of Lands and Natural Resources. In the image, China's president, Xi Jinping, can be seen doling out dirty brown water from a vase into bowls held by the Ghanaian president and the Minister of Natural Resources. Off to the side, Ghana's Chinese ambassador is smiling and holding a gold bar. Despite the fact he feels powerless about some of the things transpiring in the world around him, I hold he is unaware of the justice he is doing to his country and others with his radical critiques in the form of art.

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