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9 Francophone Singers You Should Be Listening To

Featuring genre-breaking artists like Inna Modja, Awori, Lous and the Yakuza, Yseult and more. And, yes, they're all women.

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Black pop and hip-hop artists are gaining more popularity in the mainstream French music scene, with artists like Aya Nakamura currently dominating the national charts, the first black artist to do so since Lynsha back in 2004. For many years, the music industry has forced Black Francophone singers to either fit in a strict hip-hop category or as "world music" artists, a strange moniker that is catch-all for any POC making music. There are many more French-speaking female artists who are bending genres and delivering both unique visuals and music. See our list below.

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Meet Your New Congolese Crush, Lous and the Yakuza

The young artist's first music video for "Dilemme" looks and sounds absolutely amazing.

Artist Lous and the Yakuza debuts an edgy and effortlessly cool video for "Dilemme," the first single from her upcoming debut album, Gore.

Both the track, produced by El Guincho, and video are perfect for the late September vibe–chilled out but pulsing with quiet energy. "Dilemme" is smooth trap with melodic and sombre lyrics that make you both bop and think.

The video, directed by Wendy Morgan, is somewhat biographical of 23-year-old Lous' life. In the video, Lous is literally wearing multiple identities, each complete with their own environment. These personas tell the story of her life—from growing up in Congo to proving herself as an artist in Brussels, where she now resides. It's a collision of high art and street culture. It's been a difficult if not lonely battle, and the song tells that tale. Lous is in fact speaking about wanting to be alone, the contradictions in being recognized for art and the fatigue she feels at constantly trying to find her place.

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