'Faaji Agba' is One of the Year's Best Music Documentaries

We sit down with British-Nigerian filmmaker Remi Vaughan-Richards, director of the Nigerian music documentary 'Faaji Agba'

It is the rare documentary that manages to inform, infuriate and entertain in equal measure. British-Nigerian filmmaker Remi Vaughan-Richards has made one such film. In Faaji Agba, she follows Kunle Tejuosho, who runs Jazzhole Records in Lagos, as he marshals a group of Yoruba musicians between the ages of 68 through 85 into recalling, recapturing and reclaiming their hey days, while attempting one big hoorah as a collective.

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Before There Was Fela, There Was Faaji Agba: A New Documentary Explores The Long-Forgotten Musicians Of Nigeria’s Past

Before there was Fela, there was Faaji Agba. A new documentary tells the captivating stories of Lagos’ long-forgotten musicians.