Nana Mitch Is Personalizing Ghana’s Snapchat Experience

We talk to the 24-year-old digital artist is the creator of Ghana’s most popular Snapchat filters.

Padmond Annor, popularly known as Nana Mitch is a Ghanaian creative who has achieved something remarkable in Africa’s social media space, particularly on the popular photo and video sharing app Snapchat. The 24-year-old digital artist is the creator and designer is the artist behind a number of Snapchat filters that have gone viral among a section of Ghana and Africa’s Snapchat users.

Nana Mitch had been an avid Snapchat user for years, but in 2019 he felt something was lacking. He saw the need to diversify and better represent Ghana and the Ghanaian experience on Snapchat. Because of that, he decided to take upon himself the mission of personalizing Ghana’s Snapchat experience. After making that decision, he then dedicated a year of his life to learning how to create and edit filters, through an online workshop combined with a lot of research and practice.

His first-ever creation was a beauty filter he titled “Ahuofe,” which means “beauty” in Twi, one of the major languages of the Ghanaian people. “Ahuofe”, which currently has 7 million views caught on, and Nana knew he was on to something. So far, Nana Mitch's creations have collectively earned a total of 100 million views. He’s now a verified creator on the highly popular photo and video sharing app, on which he currently has over 47,000 subscribers on his personal account.

He went on to create more, including customized filters for a number of celebrities and influencers across Africa to commemorate important events in their lives and careers. His most popular filter has a total of over 50 million views. However, that isn’t all there is to Nana Mitch. He’s also a film school graduate, who works on creative campaigns for companies and brands. He writes, directs, shoots, and edits brand campaigns and as an all-round creative, his work on Snapchat was just the tip of the iceberg.

We sat down with Nana Mitch where he tells us about his journey, making Snapchat filters for the president, and what being a creative means to him. Check out our conversation below.

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