Arts + Culture

How Is Digital Technology Changing Africa’s Cultural Landscape?

World Policy Institute's Nahema Marchal looks at digital technology and its impact on arts and culture in Africa.

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Arts + Culture

Black American Artists Reexamine Their Relationship With Africa

World Policy Institute's Alexia Barbaro looks at how contemporary black American artists are responding to changing impressions of Africa.

Okayafrica and the Program for African Thought at the World Policy Institute present the second in a series of stories at the intersection of politics, policy and culture in Africa. In the second installment, WPI’s Alexia Barbaro conducts a series of interviews looking at how contemporary black American artists are reexamining their relationship with the Continent.

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Talking Africanness, Obama & Civil Rights With Kenya’s First Openly Gay Political Candidate

Kenya's first openly gay political candidate discusses the issue of LGBTI rights in Kenyan politics and how Kenyans view Obama’s support.