This Week In Photos: Florence Ngala
Photos by Florence Ngala

This Week In Photos: Florence Ngala

New York-based photographer Florence Ngala shares stunning portraits with Okayafrica.

This is the first installment of our new weekly photo series, featuring the work of African photographers.

Running into Florence Ngala'sTumblr page gave me some serious nostalgia of the many hours I used to spend scrolling through beautiful, original content from young Africans.

Entitled, “Stuff I See," the simplistic page with minimal frills and fanfare gives you the breathing room to focus on her raw, honest portraits. The 20-year-old New Yorker is passionate about photography, but also dabbles in graphic design and attends the City College of New York studying advertising, public relations and digital design.

Her compositions are a reflection of going back to the basics. As she says in her artist statement on her self-portraits:

This was also a way I grew to better understand who I was, and when reflecting on these images I saw myself in different lights, and noticed specific themes and connections in my portraits. Some images hint at isolation and depression, while others reflect happiness and joy.

Ngala graciously let us share some of her best work with you.

You can also keep up with her on Instagram @flongala.