These Sisters Are Reimagining Nollywood For A Younger Audience

Neptune3 Studios, founded by the Damina Sisters, is breathing new life into the teen drama, embracing subjects the Nigerian entertainment industry usually shies away from, like body autonomy and women's sexuality.

In July 2018, Neptune3 Studios burst onto the filmmaking scene with their web series, New Girl, not quite sure how the response to the show would be. The series, which follows the lives of teenagers in a Nigerian secondary school, as they go through their teenage years dealing with school, family, peer pressure, and love, has since gone on to have over 8 million views.

There are only a handful of titles in the teen drama genre in Nollywood. And most of them hardly scratch the surface of teenage life in Nigeria or they are depicted by adults. But Neptune3 Studios handles the genre differently.

"When we got into making the web series [New Girl], we didn't think much about how the genre is not explored,” Jemima Damina, Neptune3 Studios co-founder, tells OkayAfrica. “We just wanted to tell a story that resonated with our friends and us. And when we created the story, we were just echoing the things that had happened in our own lives growing up."

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