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Pan-African Dreams: A Skeptic's Take on Black Panther

I went into this movie suspicious of a Disney movie selling "wokeness."

I came into Black Panther skeptical, as I am about most things. I think it's a part of my personal defense to view grand projects that entice people to spend money with disdain and suspicion. This is especially true when it's appealing to an audience of Black people increasingly politicized toward understanding the natural world order as one that disadvantages people of African descent and people in the "Global South." This film capitalizes on this market and on the trending "wokeness." The Black masses, the people to whom this film is marketed, will not participate in this financial gain. This is the bitter reality of a consumer driven society.

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8 Steps Marginalized Citizens Can Take to Defend Themselves in the Trump Era

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Step 1: Understand that you are a target

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