You Need To Hear This Sonic Journey Through Lesotho's Spiritual Traditions

Lesotho rapper Morena Leraba and Brooklyn-based producer Kashaka collaborate on new single, "Lithebera"

Morena Leraba. Photo: Hlompho Letsielo. Courtesy of the artist.
Morena Leraba is an artist grounded in simplicity, reticence and impeccable neatness, qualities that are the status quo where he’s from. Born and raised in Mafeteng, a flatland district in the southern part of Lesotho, the 31-year-old rapper’s worldview is informed by a raw rural experience and the solitude that village life has provided him.

Leraba’s steadily sparking interest from artists locally and internationally, including Enchufada’s own, Kashaka. After coming across Leraba’s music on Soundcloud, Kashaka, 25, reached out to the rapper about collaborating. The two clicked. And today they’re releasing their first single together. The artists also have plans to meet in real life for the first time when Kashaka visits Lesotho at the start of April.

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