Listen to TonicMotion's 'Drums of War' EP

The 18-year-old amapiano producer's EP has been tapped by the likes of Soulection and more.

Muzi Tembe aka TonicMotion from Empangeni, South Africa, might still be a senior in high school, but is not here to play. The 18-year-old producer's new EP, Drums of WAR', showcases a new wave of amapiano we can all tap into.

In Drums of War, TonicMotion flawlessly blends deep house and amapiano together to make his own distinct sound. His signature intro—he starts off each track with the sound of kids chattering from a distance—is also distinctly recognizable and nostalgic. The 5-track EP will take you through a trance-like state and will make you want to sway your body and move your feet.

"I designed the concept of the cover art. The skeleton represents the government and the soldiers represent us, the youths fighting against the system in South Africa," TonicMotion explains. "The inspiration comes from a song I was listening to, a deep house track called 'Deeper; by Dj Mreja. The lyrics said, 'we have all heard the drums of war let us dance to the beat of love.'"

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