Lojay Is On the Rise

Earlier this year, the Nigerian artist released a stellar debut EP in collaboration with Sarz, which contains a sole feature from Wizkid.

"Tonongo," one of the stronger afrobeats singles of 2021, came out back in May courtesy of Lojay and producer Sarz. The subtly sultry song primed the singer's riveting debut EP, LV N ATTN.

As soon as word went around of a Wizkid feature on Lojay's project, listeners questioned how he managed to secure the elusive StarBoy verse. The answer was a Sarz co-sign and a lot of patience, which culminated in a wholesome surprise made viral by the internet.

"It was my genuine reaction to hearing someone I had grown up listening to and watching him do all these things with afrobeats, creating my desire through his actions, now be on a song with me — and it's on my first official tape — like what!? It was a very amazing feeling to say the least, and the video shows you the raw reaction to that."

The 5-song LV N ATTN EP presents a medley of R&B, electro, and amapiano sounds built on an afrobeats base, forming a cohesive body of work worth every replay. Listeners have fashioned terms such as "Afro-sexy" & "Afro-sensual" for the EP, but Lojay chooses to describe it differently, "The best way for me to explain it maybe is Afro-fusion, but then I feel like that's a cheat code, 'cause you can just put 'Afro' behind everything. So simply, I make Lojay music, that's every genre."

Below, we caught up with the rising singer to discuss working with Sarz and Wizkid, and dabbling in different genres while residing in a familiar space.

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