1 Future Presents 'Not Yet Free' Brings Visual Art, Music and Media to NYC for Youth Day

1 Future Presents: "Not Yet Free" will be NYC tonight commemorating the 40th anniversary of the uprising Soweto for Youth Day.

It’s a quarter to 5 on the opening day of  Keeping Dreams at the SoMA Art + Space in Johannesburg’s Maboneng Arts District and the 1 Future presents “Not Yet Free” visual art team is busy doing last-minute installations of Cannon Hersey and Samson Mnisi’s abstract musings on freedom and liberation. Other crew members are setting up video projectors of work made during the group’s month-long residency together in Johannesburg this April and May, including footage from storytelling workshops where an international group of young artists and students muse on freedom in post-apartheid South Africa, justice in America during the age of mass incarceration and make art inspired by finding freedom in the abstract.

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