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These 10 Nigerian Songs Are Turning 15 In 2022

Take a trip back to 2007 Nigeria and the sounds of 9ice, Timaya, Asa, P-Sqaure and many more.

The year is 2007, Olusegun Obasanjo is the outgoing president of Nigeria and, economically, the country is on the rise. The creative industry is also entering a new renaissance and Nollywood is booming. Enter, the Nigerian music scene.

2007 was a stellar year for Nigerian music. Sonically, it was extremely diverse as many new players entered the game with a bang. An array of new record labels, studios, and artists emerged with a hunger to take over an industry that was growing fast.

In the early 2000s, Kennis Music, an indigenous record label held a monopoly on the scene. If you weren’t dropping music with them, you simply weren’t popping; you were destined to only a fraction of the available limelight. By 2007, that dominance was well and truly over. By now, the scene had more or less completely moved away from being heavily foreign-dominated in style and aesthetics to a more Nigerian approach. Popstars traded their faux-American accents for their local dialects.

In 2006, this phenomenon was predicted by hip-hop veteran, Rugged Man, who on his track “Ruggeddy Baba” rapped: “Wetin go make them know where your music come from in the long run, na the fusion of grammar, your slang, and your mother tongue.”

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