Usain Bolt’s Mom Won’t Let Him Live Just Like Your Typical African Parent

Usain Bolt’s Mom Won’t Let Him Live Just Like Your Typical African Parent

We don't know whether to laugh, cry or do both at Usain Bolt's mother's request.

Jamaica’s Usain Bolt came to conquer Rio at the Olympics, and he’s done some serious damage as he shoots for a “triple-triple.” But in an interview with CNN, his mother, JenniferBolt, is already thinking for the future for the Lightening Bolt.

“I would hope he’ll settle down, get married and start his family,” his mother tells Don Riddell in a segment airing this past Saturday. “I know he’ll settle down because he has said it,” she says. “He told me many times that he’s going to start his family.”

Not knowing whether to laugh, cry or do both, Bolt’s mother’s well wishes for her son sound all too familiar as an African child (to our other foreign homies in the struggle, we know you understand our plight too). And yes, I said African child, because we all know you’re still damn near in kindergarten to your parents until you tie the knot.

That inadvertent pressure to do and be great just isn’t enough, because to an African mother (and father), her greatest fruits of investment to you is for her to see her seeds produce more seeds—or in other words—have lots of grandbabies.

And no, holding on to a world record and having gold medals on gold medals won’t suffice.

Although Bolt snagged his third consecutive gold medal in the 100-meter dash, he has no plans on settling down anytime soon as the track star turns 30 on August 21.

“I’ve thought about it, but I know I’m not going to get married before 35, for sure,” Bolt tells The Telegraph in July.

Getting down in the dancehall (a la LargeUp) celebrating his most recent victory still won’t stop from him hearing the last of Mama Usain until he follows suit with her request.