Video: Ak Sang Grave Is Back

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Earlier this year, Ak Sang Grave came back. The Camerounian rap mainstay’s 2010 release, Au Fond Du Cœur, was preceded with the drop of the “Ak Sang Grave Is Back” video. Receiving less attention than Just A Band’s “Ha-He” remix of Makmende Amerudi antics, heralded in the Wall Street Journal of all places as Kenya’s first viral video, "Ak Sang Grave Is Back" has a similar kind of AfroFunk superhero feel to it. But instead of the existential ass-kicking of Makmende,Ak Sang Grave emcees Rizbo and Ebou lead their friends in a session of vintage goofing off. In an irresistible retro party scene the band members’ alter-egos are introduced with blaxploitation style pop-up credits, Panama – Mesure – Boss – Pianaba – Solofeling – Tamtamba – Ozamba. Curiously, the drummer gets no alias but instead lays in the cut rocking an appropriate ?uestlove-esque fro. A single groove and a Soul Train line gets the message across: Ak Sang Graveis apparently back.