Video: Nneka Live at Highline Ballroom

Okay, without a doubt, every time Nneka performs she steals my breath away, and I contemplate the pros and cons of proposing some form of legal binding between us forever (mostly so she can sing me to sleep every night!), and fortunately or unfortunately (depends how you look at it), I am always able to contain myself from popping the "question." These two videos from her performance at the Highline Ballroom this summer weigh heavily in the pro column. Not many artists sound better live as they do on CD, and Nneka just blows anyone else that sounds semi-decent out of the water. These videos are definitely a treat to watch, so check them out! Credit for video and live sound goes to Native Resonance and camera work goes to Sam Bathrick and Kieran Meadows. Check out "Lost Souls" above, and a clip of "Uncomfortable Truth" after the jump.

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Image from Flickr Creative Commons

End of an Era as Last South African Music Shops Set to Close

South Africa's Clicks Group has announced the imminent closure of its Musica storesβ€”the last music stores in South Africa after 29 years.

South Africans are bidding farewell to Musica, yet another cultural giant which will be closing shop soon. Musica stores, which are owned by the South African Clicks Group, have been the leading music retailer in the sales of physical CDs and DVDs for close to three decades. Musica admittedly provided a home for many South Africans to leisurely browse through their favourite music in very much the same way book lovers do in book stores. However, as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and having been outcompeted by the digital music world, all Musica stores across the country will be closing permanently.

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